Conveyancers Theatre - sponsored by Council for Licensed Conveyancers

Join the Council for Licenced Conveyancers in Theatre 9 for the latest in Conveyancing tech, software, advice and risk assessment.

Wednesday 21st March

Thursday 22nd March



Adam Tuckwell - Geodesys in partnership with Mobas

Social media for conveyancers - getting started and best practice tips

Working with Geodesys, Adam has looked at how conveyancers are currently using social media to enhance their businesses, and has put together a session on identifying social opportunities, setting goals, and creating engaging content. Your clients and potential clients may well be talking about you on social media already. If you don’t use it, be certain that your competitors will! Come along and find out how to get ahead.



Tom Durbin St George - Easy Convey Ltd

Conveyancing in Canada - how technology can improve the house buying process in England & Wales

In light of the Call for Evidence by HM Government to review the house buying process, we can learn significantly from advances seen in Canada. The Canadian property market is booming and conveyancing is instrumental to that movement. This seminar will look at conveyancing training, pre and post contract work, searches, digital technologies and title guarantee’s in Canada and apply them to us here in England & Wales.



Matthew Pennington | Stephen Ward - Tonic Works | Council for Licensed Conveyancers

Wednesday 21st: 2018 Price Transparency Regulations and Conveyancing
Thursday 22nd: 2018 Price Transparency Regulations and Probate

2018 will bring a step change for online competition in the legal sector. Law firms will be required to publish prices through their website, starting with conveyancing. This seminar will look at the impact that providing fee estimates in this fashion will have on individual law firms and the wider legal sector, as well as address some of the common concerns law firms have around publishing prices.



Adam Bullion - InfoTrack

The solutions of tomorrow, available today

Businesses of today talk about putting the customer at the heart of their business. However, when the client is constantly changing, it can be a struggle to keep up. Adam will present insight into the home mover of today based on recent research, and how applying a technology-first approach can make a difference to the strategy of legal firms in the market today.



Mike Westcott-Rudd - HM Land Registry

Transforming HM Land Registration

An update on the progress being made to transform HM Land Registry into the world’s leading land registry for speed, simplicity and an open approach to data.


16.15 - 16.45

Tom Backhouse - Terrafirma

Managing Risks: What Lies Beneath

The incidence of ground hazards, such as sinkholes, is a growing risk for owners of property. Learn when, where and how ground risk assessment should be used, discover more about the hidden hazards beneath your feet and importantly, why the interpretation of data is essential in both understanding and acting upon the potential risks the ground poses.