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Wednesday 21st March

Thursday 22nd March


10.15 - 10.45

T Nauman Rashid-Khan - UKLST – UK Legal Services Translation Ltd

The crucial need for Professional and Qualified Interpreters & Translators

With technology on the advancement, what is the importance of having a human interpreter or translator? The importance of such can only be proven when a need for an experienced linguist is paramount and the stakes are high and so their value becomes priceless.



Iain McArthur - Audio Video Forensics Ltd.

Forensic Audio and Video case studies

A 45 minute audio visual presentation featuring case studies including examples (Prosecution, defence and military) such as the Daily Mirror fake photo enquiry resulting in Piers Morgans resignation, the Glasgow Bin Lorry enquiry, the NOTW sting on world snooker champion John Higgins, trial 01 of Levi Bellfield, Iraq military Police investigations and multiple UK & Irish Police cases.



Darren Jefferson - Alius Services Ltd

Commercial Considerations for Law Firms of the future

With the aid of case studies we will educate you on the 3 Ps to successful sales, namely prospecting, proposing and pitching.



Charlie Reading - Efficient Portfolio Ltd

The Problem with Financial Advice: How to Really Help Clients

The product pushing, commission driven approach to financial advice has plagued the industry for a long time. Clients need clear financial guidance around the life changing circumstances that you help them navigate; be it a house purchase, divorce or probate, but do you dare introduce them? A revolution is happening in the financial world, and it is called Financial Planning, but how do you know it when you see it?



Dan Thompson - Philips Speech Processing Solutions

Do more with less! How voice recognition and smartphone mobility drive savings and efficiency

Thanks to advances in speech recognition and cloud-based technology, voice-to-text solutions enable valuable cost savings to businesses, as well as increasing productivity for its professionals. This session will show you how voice recognition and smartphone mobility can help legal firms stay compliant with data protection and information governance, eliminate time-consuming admin tasks, and make electronic document creation simpler, safer and far more cost effective.



Dan Peachey & James Potter - City Legal Translations

Translating LinkedIn into fee income across the globe

LinkedIn is the largest professional network with ½ billion users in 200 countries, yet over 95% of users struggle to understand how to make it work well for them. City Legal Translations teams up with “The LinkedIn Man” to offer a motivational talk on helping your firm get more clients globally, with insight that has seen firms billing over 50% of their monthly fee income to clients found within LinkedIn.



Feras El Hajjar - Infosysta - App4Legal

App4Legal , the Secrets of Tech-Innovation for Legal Teams

Lawyers working in both in-house Legal Departments and law-firms are facing today the challenge of “how to do more with less effort” and how to follow the fast speed of technology. App4Legal CEO will share the needed ingredients for Legal Practitioners along with the best practices in order to drive the legal practice for excellence with the right workspace and tools to be used.