Theatre 4 - sponsored by Quiss

We are excited to have Quiss Technology Plc sponsor Theatre 4 which will welcome a host of experts from across the legal industry delivering top notch seminars across both days.

Wednesday 21st March

Thursday 22nd March



Steve Hooper -

360 Degree Law Firm Digital Marketing Start to Finish

Your law firm digital marketing strategy has to include some major points in order to work for your business. The 360 degree method ensures that you cover all of the bases required in order to benefit long term from your digital marketing strategy.



Andy Miles - ThinkMarble Ltd

Global view of cyber and information security and risk mitigation

The Seminar will cover a global view of cyber and information security and what your business should do to mitigate these risks, plus a short presentation from our in-house Data Protection Lawyer on GDPR.



Sabina Horgan - Thread Legal

GDPR – The road to compliance for SME legal firms

Most law firms in the UK and Ireland do not yet comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations. With the deadline fast approaching, many SME firms are scrambling to ensure that they are compliant with the new regulations. This seminar will outline the technical and organisational measure that you can take to get you on the road towards full GDPR compliance.



Natalie Jhingoree-Smith & Chris Cotterill - Wesleyan Financial Services

Specialist Financial Planning for Legal Professionals & Law Firms

This seminar will focus on the value of effective financial planning for key milestones in you and your family’s life - from buying a home and providing for your family through to retirement planning and beyond. In addition, hear from Chris Cotterill, an insurance specialist with Wesleyan, who will be providing advice and guidance on succession and continuity planning, cash flow management and professional indemnity insurance.



Nicole Louis - All About Families

The victim’s battle with their perpetrator, and everyone else!

With extensive experience of working with victims in a safeguarding capacity, Nicole will explore with you, the response victims receive from the Police, Children’s Services and the perpetrator, when they make reports. She will share with information on what you can do in your capacity to help victims and what information you NEED to know to carry out your job effectively.



Jeremy Hendy - RepKnight

Dark Web footprints of the top 500 law firms

Legal firms have access to highly sensitive data about their clients. And like any other company, they also hold personal information about their employees. But how would you find out if that data was breached? This session demonstrates the power of Dark Web monitoring, profiling the footprints of the top 500 UK law firms and revealing just how many of their credentials are being hacked, leaked and sold online.