Below is The Legalex 2017 schedule – The schedule for 2018 will be released soon...

Practice Management Theatre

The Practice Management Theatre provides a range of information, guidance, and advice to assist legal professionals with the operation of their firm. Session subjects include, amongst others, the importance of embracing new technology, tips on effective firm growth, and how to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Tuesday 28th March

Wednesday 29th March

Martin Cheek: Speaking at the Practice Management Theatre


Martin Cheek - SmartSearch

What to expect with the 4th Money Laundering Directive

The 4th Money Laundering Directive will be implemented into UK law by June this year. This seminar looks at the key changes and how law firms large and small will need to prepare. There are also still remains a number of areas which are yet to be finalised, which could have a major impact on all UK businesses.

Jamie Miller: Speaking at the Practice Management Theatre


Jamie Miller - Clayton Legal

How will the legal talent agenda be affected in 2017?

This seminar will look at what the skills shortages will be in the year ahead both from a discipline and geographical perspective and will look at the impact that external factors such as Brexit will have. We will identify the key skills needed for lawyers wanting to succeed in 2017, not relying on academic achievements but the abilities required to achieve long term success in a modern workplace.

Bernard Savage: Speaking at the Practice Management Theatre


Bernard Savage - Tenandahalf

How to build relationships and avoid canapes

Fee earners waste a lot of time networking and going to the same events as their peers. There is a smarter way. In an engaging session you will find how to win new business more easily by just being yourself and not following the crowd. Networking doesn’t have to be about canapes but perhaps Spear of Destiny, lycra or motorbikes instead.

Graham Moore: Speaking at the Practice Management Theatre


Graham Moore - Katchr

Better Law Firm KPIs - actionable information beyond fees and time

Your firm probably has KPIs – fees billed, time recorded – but do these really drive action to improve your business? Should you really be measuring trailing indicators and process inputs rather than future indicators and process output? And why are all law firm KPIs virtually the same? Does every firm really have exactly the same strategic objective? Graham’s talk will challenge the status quo of law firm management information today.

Danielle Wright: Speaking at the Practice Management Theatre


Danielle Wright - Bar Council

Direct Access, the barrister-solicitor relationship & the benefits of BARCO

This seminar will cover the relationship between barristers and solicitors when the barrister is taking Direct Access work, the services of BARCO and the Direct Access Portal website which helps bring work to the profession and plays in to traditional relationships. It will cover how to market legal services of the profession to the SME market and the popular areas of work for this.

Joe De Wet: Speaking at the Practice Management Theatre


Joe De Wet - LEAP

Is your law firm making the most of smart technology?

Legal firms are quickly realising the benefits that smart technology can bring to firms through automation and having up-to-date access to information from any device at any time. Our seminar will be exploring these options and what impact it can have on your firm’s productivity.