Below is The Legalex 2017 schedule – The schedule for 2018 will be released soon...

Firms Of The Future Theatre

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Tuesday 28th March

Wednesday 29th March

Stephen Walker: Speaking at the Practice Management Theatre


Stephen Walker - ADR Group

The Growing Revolt Against the Cost of Litigation

Stephen will talk about the benefits of mediation over litigation, the cost and time saving and the reduced impact it can have on your workforce and business relationships.

Lisa Beale: Speaking at the Practice Management Theatre


Lisa Beale -

Lawyers need to prepare for “customer service revolution”

The Law Society’s report, “The Future of Legal Services”, foresaw a number of threats to solicitors’ firms in the near term: “Solicitors who can reach out to help consumers clearly understand their issues and options, and market themselves as such, should do well as more providers enter the market and confusion around choice grows. Solicitor firms who fail to get offerings right may see retail buyers bypass them to seek refuge in familiar brands.

Alex Holt: Speaking at the Practice Management Theatre


Alex Holt - The Cashroom Ltd

Managing Risk Areas Alongside Best Practice Accounts Process

A lively exploration of risk mitigation and asset protection for law firms. Do you have measures in place to protect your assets? If not, those measures can be assessed and prioritised very easily and the steps identified can dovetail with good accounts team practice. All will be revealed.

George Gregory: Speaking at the Practice Management Theatre


George Gregory - Reckon Software

How digitising your business can engage your workforce

Staff engagement is seen as time consuming for many firms and too often pushed down the priority list. However, firms ranking top for staff wellbeing have seen phenomenal successes over their competitors. How? In the era if digitisation we’ll discuss how firms have easily adopted technology to enhance staff wellbeing including digitisation of work streams, exceeding expectations of the next generation and the real overriding benefits from having a happy and engaged workforce.

Diana Constantinide: Speaking at the Practice Management Theatre


Diana Constantinide - Strattonfield Chamber

Lawyers in the face of globalisation

We are witnesses of challenges and demands of a global re-shape. Are you thinking what will happen to the legal profession? What are the ramifications of such a radical evolution? The legal profession is undoubtedly highly regulated, a component that makes it inflexible and arbitrary. In light of this, we are speaking to you about lawyers’ international integration and digitilisation of the cross-qualification process.

Enrico Sanna: Speaking at the Practice Management Theatre


Enrico Sanna - Fora

Pro Working - The Future of Work

The design needs of the workspace have changed dramatically in the past few years and with the advent of Fora, the evolution continues. Fora aims to set the standard for a new way of working. This isn't co-working; this isn't serviced offices. This is ‘pro-working’ - and it’s the future.