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Tim Hardy LLM, DipArb, FCIArb - Tim has been Head of Commercial Litigation at CMS for 20 years handling complex corporate disputes. He is a practising mediator and arbitrator.

He was accredited as a Mediator with ADR Group in 1998 since then he has handled over 100 mediation appointments. Tim became a Fellow of the CIArb in 2011 and has handled disputes under ICC, UNCITRAL, LCIA, LMAA and ICSID Rules.

Tim is a respected figure in the world of mediation advising various committees and he regularly participates in seminars and conferences talking about all aspects of dispute resolution including the art of negotiation.

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Negotiating The Best Deal

Whether negotiating a pink ticket for a night out, a supply contract or a settlement of a dispute the underlying principles are the same. Tim uses his 30+ years’ experience in negotiating settlements of complex corporate disputes to identify the key ingredients and impediments to successful negotiation. He will explain how to get the best deal possible and touch on: Silver Bullets; Strategies; Pitfalls; Tricks; and Closing.


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