Stephen Murray


Stephen Murray worked as a consumer journalist for the BBC for almost 8 years and has worked for PSG for over 15 years. He sits on the executive membership of the Council of Property Search Organisations and recently contributed to the Conveyancing Association’s white paper on Modernising Conveyancing.

He has been an expert witness on property searches, sits on the Local Land Charges stakeholder panel with the Land Registry and been invited to take part on panels discussing the future of conveyancing. He is passionate about placing the consumer at the heart of business.

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Acting in a client's best interest - Wouldn’t You Want to Know?

How the ready availability and affordability of data and information can support lawyers in acting in the best interest of their clients. With the use of case studies we will explore how the use of data can identify where further information should be sought and discuss the potential impact on real estate transactions from a business and consumer perspective. Wouldn’t You Want to Know?