Simon McCrum

Symphony Legal

Simon qualified as a solicitor in 1990 and led various teams at Pannones. He was part of the Management Team there as well as Marketing Partner and Director of Business Development.

In 2007 he became Managing Partner of Darbys Solicitors. From a loss-making firm it became the fastest-growing law firm in the country. Turnover grew from £6m to £14m. In 2016 Darbys was acquired by Knights, and in 2017 Simon launched McCrum & Co, a management consultancy for the legal sector.

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Is your firm a platform for growth, or a drain to throw money down?

Many firms focus on chasing new clients and top-line growth. However, real, easy, profitable, and cash-laden growth is under their noses. There’s no point chasing new business if you aren’t making the most of existing business and existing clients.


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