Richard Stephenson

YUDU Sentinel

Richard Stephenson – Chief Executive Officer, YUDU
Richard is Chief Executive Officer of YUDU Ltd, the app technology company specialised in crisis communication and documentation solutions which he founded as a start up in 2007.

Richard is an experienced Executive and Chairman with expertise in public, private equity and owner managed companies and has wide experience of how companies need to manage data and communicate. Richard is a past Operating Partner with Duke Street Capital and chaired Xafinity Holdings Limited, the financial services company, Deloro Stellite Ltd, and Navimo s.a.

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How Legal firms can use Communication Apps in a Crisis

Legal firms are a prime target for cyber attacks and App technology provides a parallel communications solution when the main systems are compromised. City centre terrorist attacks are now a reality, so how can you instantly check staff are safe? In any Crisis speed and reliability of communications in the initial minutes are essential and Richard Stephenson reviews options and demos how Sentinel sets out to addresses these problems.


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