Paul Sachs & David Jackson

CaseLines (Netmaster Solutions LTD)

Paul Sachs has enjoyed a long-standing career in the IT industry, working in the petroleum, finance and public sectors with a history of developing systems that increase efficiency and productivity. Paul’s experience ranges from designing cash flow forecasting systems for the UK Government to establishing the software company Netmaster Solutions Ltd in 2008.
As Founder and CTO of Netmaster Solutions Ltd, Paul designed and developed the CaseLines evidence bundling and courtroom presentation service.
Conceived as a software solution to remove paper from the legal system and increase the efficiency of justice, CaseLines combines outstanding bundle creation facilities with powerful live presentation and annotation features.
Under Paul’s leadership, CaseLines has gone from strength to strength, becoming the chosen digital solution for the UK Supreme Court and every Crown Court in England and Wales.

David Jackson is Managing Director of CaseLines, the market leading service for the preparation of legal bundles and electronic presentation of documentary and video evidence in the court room.
David is a management consultant with over 20 years experience, in practice leader and partner positions at McKinsey & Co., Ernst & Young and Fujitsu Services. He also excels at complex programme delivery, especially when a high degree of business integration and communication is required.

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