Nigel Cannings

Law Support/Intelligent Voice

Nigel qualified as a solicitor in 1993 and has worked for some of the world''s largest law firms and software companies. As the CTO of Intelligent Voice, Speech Recognition Experts, for the last 7 years, Nigel has been commissioned to recover data from an "unbreakable" portable recording device, and gained UK government recognition in the form of a sizable grant to explore leading edge problems in speech research; such as ultra-high speed GPU accelerated speech recognition and emotional analysis of telephone calls.

In April 2016, Nigel spoke at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, California, where he outlined his idea to get a deep Convolution Neural Network (CNN) to perform speech recognition. This work resulted in Intelligent Voice being awarded for innovation for their SmartTranscript™ and winning almost $100,000 in prizes. Nigel also spoke at GTC Europe 2016, presenting on Intelligent Voice’s revolutionary work on Credibility Analysis in the GPU Age.

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Finding your voice – Speech is no longer a Cinderella technology

The technology behind mainstream voice-to-text conversion is now affordable such that analysis of the spoken word should now be included in every company’s information governance. Nigel Cannings will give an overview, alongside real life examples of how the technology is currently being used, of the current technologies, the advances being made and how you really should now be looking at capturing voice and using this to your advantage.


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