Neil Thomas

Claranet UK

Neil has been developing products and services in the IT and communications space for over 12 years, and has seen a lot of change. Currently leading the communications services for leading IT services provider Claranet, Neil is passionate that IT teams are the key to unlocking growth in businesses.

Through working with leading partners such as BT and Microsoft, he has first-hand experience of the latest developments in communication tools, where the market is going and what services are coming.

His aim is to demonstrate how your IT team can step out from the basement, prepare for the future and take a leading role in driving better productivity, customer engagement and business performance.

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How modern communication services can transform your business

Hear about the latest developments in communication and collaboration technology, and how the right tools can make your staff more effective, improve customer service and drive growth. As Unified Communications finally become a reality, Neil will explain how you can avoid the pitfalls, understand what’s coming and prepare for the end of life of key BT services, while reducing costs and making your IT services the toast of your organisation.


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