Jamie Miller

Clayton Legal

Jamie is the UK Legal Recruitment Manager at Clayton legal and has over ten years’ recruitment insight and experience. He joined Clayton Legal in 2009 and quickly established his name within the legal arena providing market expertise, insight and established network enabling him to deliver the right talent at the right time.

Jamie has assisted with the national growth of Clayton Legal over the last 8 years and provides a credible and trusted voice in the industry, becoming the recruitment partner of choice for many legal firms across the UK.

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How will the legal talent agenda be affected in 2017?

This seminar will look at what the skills shortages will be in the year ahead both from a discipline and geographical perspective and will look at the impact that external factors such as Brexit will have. We will identify the key skills needed for lawyers wanting to succeed in 2017, not relying on academic achievements but the abilities required to achieve long term success in a modern workplace.


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