Graham Moore


Graham is a law firm Practice Management System and Business Intelligence expert who has been using technology to help improve law firm performance for over 25 years.

He is the Managing Director of Katchr, a business he founded in 2011 to help law firms make better use of the financial, risk and marketing information that was buried in their back-office systems. Now established as the leading BI solution for mid-sized UK law firms, Katchr provides fast and easy access to law firm data for lawyers, management, and owners, whenever and wherever they need it.

A self-confessed data geek, Graham’s regular talks and blogs on the topics of Business Intelligence, management information and data analysis are designed to challenge the status quo and spark ideas for a more commercial approach to law firm management.

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Better Law Firm KPIs - actionable information beyond fees and time

Your firm probably has KPIs – fees billed, time recorded – but do these really drive action to improve your business? Should you really be measuring trailing indicators and process inputs rather than future indicators and process output? And why are all law firm KPIs virtually the same? Does every firm really have exactly the same strategic objective? Graham’s talk will challenge the status quo of law firm management information today.


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