Diana Constantinide

Strattonfield Chamber

Diana is a Registered European Lawyer (REL) regulated by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA) and a Cyprus qualified advocate (Δικηγόρος-Dikigoros), thus, a member of the Cyprus Bar Association. She is the Managing Director and Founder of Strattonfield Chamber (registered as D.C. LLC) and of Rolesa. Diana studied law in the UK (LL.B, LLM & LPC) and she is also a qualified international arbitrator (MCIArb).

‘My presence is the gift of uncountable rejections and failures, this is who made me today.’

Quote taken from one of her interviews. Diana has extensive litigation experience and robust entrepreneurial skills, performing a rare ability to transform most desperate situations in a creative and productive business. She is a member of the Royal Commonwealth Society and a One Young World Ambassador, as well as, member of the Law Society of England and Wales and the International Law Association (ILA).

Diana is fluent in Greek, Swedish, English, conversational French and basic Gujarati, and has numerous publications.

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