Dan Fallon & Ryan Webb


Dan Fallon founded SearchStar in 2005 and it’s become one of the UK’s leading independent digital media buying and CRO agencies. The 37 strong team now has over 200 clients across a huge range of B2B and B2C verticals and they work closely with Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to ‘make the most of every click’.

Ryan Webb leads the Conversion & Analytics team at SearchStar who work with clients and web developers to ensure they build websites that don’t just look good, but deliver fantastic results.

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How to get more legal leads for less cash!

Learn how to make your legal advertising work even harder, driving more leads, in 2017. Dan Fallon will look at how to get the best possible website traffic from advertising on Google, Bing, YouTube and Facebook. Then, to complete the journey, Ryan Webb talks through how to persuade those visitors to get in touch once they land on your website using Conversion Optimisation.


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