Christopher Tweedie

LEAP Legal Software

Chris spends much of his time meeting with law firms and helping them to understand how they can improve their business processes. Having worked in several small businesses, all running various forms of software, he has valuable experience and understands the importance of keeping your software up-to-date, in order to maintain a flexible structure that can cope with change.

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Cloud Technology: The Rise of the Digital Lawyer

This seminar examines the change in working routines that successful lawyers have achieved through true cloud technology. We’ll look at the rise of the digital lawyer and how they’ve improved communication and mobility, reduced risk, grown profits and helped to secure their law firms’ long-term future.


  • Joris Beerda: Speaking at the Legalex

    Joris Beerda
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    Mike Westcott-Rudd
    HM Land Registry

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    Tobi Alli-Usman
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    Andrew Hollister

    Threats are evolving. A new approach to cyber security is required

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    Colin Tankard
    Digital Pathways Ltd

    The benefit of Having Your Own Encryption