Caleb Storkey

Gett Results

Caleb Storkey is the CEO and Founder of Gett Results and a leading authority on LinkedIn marketing in the UK. He has worked with thousands of professionals and companies training them up in LinkedIn, helping them get more exposure and network growth on LinkedIn. He also helps them develop a strategy to use LinkedIn as a key part of their company’s lead generation and marketing strategy.

Some of his company’s previous clients include FTSE 500 companies, CEO’s, small business owners, and self-employed professionals, with a specific focus on the legal sector. Gett Results have developed a specific methodology and system to LinkedIn for legal firms, which forms as the key behind their extraordinary results.

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How to use Linkedin to grow your legal firm

This seminar will show you a step by step process you can use to grow your legal firm using LinkedIn. You’ll learn the process for getting your firm on brand, how to use LinkedIn as part of a company wide strategy to grow connections, leads, appointments and sales.


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