Dieselgate: UK Customers Take VW to Court

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Volkswagen are facing a class action lawsuit from over 10,000 of their British customers who are looking to receive £3,000 each, a sum that equates to £30 million altogether. The lawsuit stems from the 'Dieselgate' scandal which saw VW admit they had cheated emission tests by making their cars appear far less polluting than what they really were.

The German manufacturer have set out to "robustly" contest such claims because if the car giants were forced to compensate each of the people who own affected cars, which also include Škoda, Audi, and Seat owners, it could cost them a grand total of £3.6bn.

With no settlement agreed with British and European owners despite the manufacturer admitting it had used "defeat devices" to cheat the test, fears are beginning to increase with claimants angry at the fact VW might get away with their actions without truly paying for their lies and damage they have caused to the environment.

Anger has further been fuelled as VW have offered to fix the cars in question, but as yet have offered no form of compensation to the 1.2 million owners affected in the UK despite their US counterparts receiving theirs.