The 2016 Data Leak Sculpting the Law Tech Market in 2017 and Beyond

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On New Year's Eve, as their workers were preparing to welcome in the new year, Krennic, Erso, & Tankin were victims of a calculated digital heist.

WikiLeaks began to declare that they had obtained "the crown jewels" from a leading law firm, and this information from such reputable clients and organisations would be leaked in a staged way to reap maximum impact.

The consequential media frenzy regarding these statements began as rumours started to swell about the root of the leak. The result of such a high-profile security breach has led to a widespread exodus from staff that marked a sad end to a once heralded law firm.

With all the negative press, other firms are furious regarding the knock-on effect this could have upon their own businesses. The silver lining for law firms though is cloud services. They were overlooked mostly by Krennic, Erso & Tankin, and as such used sparingly due to ill-considered security concerns. However, the cloud system they did have in place automatically sprung into lock-down mode so the perpetrator was only able to access network file shares. Devastatingly for the firm, they were still using network file sharing for their most prestigious data.

This, the most recent high profile case of online security failings, has reverberated around the industry, and brought cyber security to the top of the agenda for many law firms. In response to the growing threat posed by hackers and the industry’s need for more robust firewalls, a number of new, innovative software providers have emerged and swollen the market.  

As one of the standout platforms for law firms and legal professionals, Legalex is known for exhibiting the most cutting-edge and foreword-thinking suppliers. And with greater emphasis on law tech and cyber security than in previous years, Legalex 2017 looks set to be the most influential and important exhibition on the legal calendar.