European Judges Uphold UK Right to Impose Whole-Life Prison Sentences

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European judges have continued to support UK courts who impose whole-life prison sentences to those who commit the most atrocious crimes.

The ruling from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) was made by 17 judges in a Strasbourg court when triple murderer Arthur Hutchinson took to the stand to plead that the longevity of his sentence was both inhumane and degrading.

His pleads were rejected by the judges as, in compliance with the European Court of Human Rights, life sentences given to convicted murders are not banned as long as the prisoner withholds a possibility of review and release.

British judges have made clear that only when "exceptional grounds" are present such as having weeks to live, a review upon the prisoner’s sentence would potentially take place. The reason would then be deliberated within a British court.

The Judges from the ECHR concluded that whole-life sentences in the UK were deemed compliant and not inhumane or degrading.