Lawmakers Given Limited Time to Eye Bill on Brexit

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As voters approved Britain's EU exit in the June 23rd Referendum, British lawmakers are now left frustrated at the fact The House of Commons now have until the 8th February to consider the bill before it is set to go to the House of Lords.

Prime Minister Theresa May is under mounting pressure to trigger Article 50 by as early as March 31st, an act that will see the process of leaving the 28-nation union begin. British Lawmakers have been left furious at the fact, despite the government's best attempts to keep them from inspecting the article, they now have a worryingly short amount of time to analyse what looks set to be one of the most potent governmental moves in history.

Despite announcing the legislation, the government as yet have refused to give a formal plan for Brexit. This move has angered lawmakers who wish to see the plan prior to considering such an impactful bill.