It doesn’t matter what industry your business is in, marketing is key and the legal sector is no exception. The trick can come from knowing how to market your business properly to make sure you are sending the right message, to the correct audience. Luckily, we have the answers for you at Legalex!

Make sure to stop by the Conscious Solutions Theatre to see speakers like Rich Dibbins, Adrienne Halladay and Victoria Simpson give seminars such as ‘Online Marketing in 2020. What’s working?’, ‘Marketing Strategy for 2020’, and ‘How being compliant helps your marketing’ to help you find the best ways to make sure you are getting your business in front of the right potential clients. For a full list of Marketing seminars, see the speakers below.

Having your strategy in mind, you will need to make sure you have the tools to make it happen. Stop by and see such top industry leader as Alius Services Limited, Enlighten IC, Solve Legal Marketing, Conscious Solutions and Symphony Legal to find the products and services you need to achieve your marketing goals. For a full exhibitor listing click here.

Marketing Speakers

  • Panel Session Speaker: John Hogg

    John Hogg
    Enlighten IC

    Why Digital Marketing Isn't Working For Most Law Firms

  • Panel Session Speaker: Jon Payne

    Jon Payne
    Noisy Little Monkey

    10 Things Google Hates About You

  • Panel Session Speaker: Dan Peachey & James Potter

    Dan Peachey & James Potter
    City Legal Translations

    Translating LinkedIn into fee income across the globe

  • Panel Session Speaker: Adam Tuckwell

    Adam Tuckwell
    Geodesys in partnership with Mobas

    Social media for conveyancers - getting started and best practice tips

  • Panel Session Speaker: Rich Dibbins

    Rich Dibbins
    Conscious Solutions

    Making Your Website Work for You and Knowing it is

  • Panel Session Speaker: Rich Dibbins

    Rich Dibbins
    Conscious Solutions

    Online Marketing in 2018. What’s working?

  • Panel Session Speaker: Clare Fanner

    Clare Fanner
    Find Get Grow

    Marketing Strategy for 2020

  • Panel Session Speaker: Victoria Simpson

    Victoria Simpson
    Symphony Legal

    How being Compliant helps your Marketing

  • Panel Session Speaker: Steve Hooper

    Steve Hooper

    360 Degree Law Firm Digital Marketing Start to Finish

  • Panel Session Speaker: Rachel Tombs

    Rachel Tombs
    Symphony Legal

    Social Media & the Digital World