Client Retention and Satisfaction

Clients are the most vital part of any legal business as there would be no business without them. Making sure you are keeping current clients happy and attracting new clients are equally important. Make sure you catch Brian O’Neill’s seminar ‘Your clients are important, you have no excuse for losing them!’ and in the Keynote Theatre join Joris Beerda as he discusses ‘How to get high client engagement and retention in 8 easy steps: Octalysis Gamification’.

This is the ideal environment to find the tips and tricks you may not have thought of to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your clients happy and to appeal to new ones. To hear from the experts, check out the list of speakers for client retention and attraction below. For a full list of exhibitors click here.

Client Retention and Satisfaction Speakers

  • Panel Session Speaker: Joris Beerda

    Joris Beerda
    The Octalysis Group


  • Panel Session Speaker: Charlie Reading

    Charlie Reading
    Efficient Portfolio Ltd

    The Problem with Financial Advice: How to Really Help Clients

  • Panel Session Speaker: Brian O’Neill

    Brian O’Neill
    Client Communications Ltd

    Your clients are important – you have no excuse for losing them!

  • Panel Session Speaker: Nicole Louis

    Nicole Louis
    All About Families

    The victim’s battle with their perpetrator, and everyone else!

  • Panel Session Speaker: Clair Daniel

    Clair Daniel
    Legal Ombudsman

    Sorry shouldn’t be the hardest word – learning from complaints

  • Panel Session Speaker: Robert Desbruslais

    Robert Desbruslais
    Desbruslais Chartered Surveyors

    Property Construction & Defects: what clients need you to know