Business Development

Growing your business is vital to survival in this highly competitive industry. At Legalex we have designed the event to make sure that any businesses, no matter the size, will find the information they need to grow.

Just starting out? Make sure to catch Paddy Synnott’s talk ‘SRA Application for New Law Firms: How to Make The Process Run Smoothly’ and stop by the Solicitors Regulation Authority on stand 204.

Already launched but looking to take your business to the next level? Don’t miss Dr. Garen Karapetian’s seminar, ‘What you need to run a small-to-medium law firm efficiently’, Vanessa Ugatti’s talk entitled ‘ How to Charge what You’re Worth and Get It’ and Karen Dunne-Squire’s seminar, ‘Maximising your Growth Potential’.

Established in the field but want to make sure you stay ahead of the curve? Be sure to join Chris Bull for his seminar, ‘The New Anatomy of the Law Firm’, Darren Jefferson for his talk, ‘Commercial Considerations for Law Firms of the Future’ and Rukmani Mohindra who will be speaking about ‘Business Development for Lawyers - Do you know it all?’.

Visit LegalRSS, Alius Services Ltd, Clio, LEAP and more to find the tools, advice and products you need to meet your business growth needs. To see full business development speakers, see below and for full exhibitor listings click here.

Business Development Speakers

  • Panel Session Speaker: Darren Jefferson

    Darren Jefferson
    Alius Services Ltd

    Commercial Considerations for Law Firms of the future

  • Panel Session Speaker: Paddy Synnott

    Paddy Synnott
    Miller Insurance

    SRA application for new law firms: How to make the process run smoothly

  • Panel Session Speaker: Deborah Edwards

    Deborah Edwards
    Insight Legal

    Managing your practice for success

  • Panel Session Speaker: Chris Bull

    Chris Bull
    Nine Feet Tall


  • Panel Session Speaker: Tobi Alli-Usman

    Tobi Alli-Usman
    Smooth Digital

    The Aggressive Growth Blueprint: Ramp Up Your Revenue!

  • Panel Session Speaker: Dan Peachey & James Potter

    Dan Peachey & James Potter
    City Legal Translations

    Translating LinkedIn into fee income across the globe

  • Panel Session Speaker: Rukmani Mohindra

    Rukmani Mohindra

    Business Development and Management for Lawyers - Do you know it all?

  • Panel Session Speaker: Ian Johnson

    Ian Johnson
    Crowe Clark Whitehill LLP, The Institute of Legal Finance and Management

    Tackling the Legal Financial Landscape – What Should You Prioritise?

  • Panel Session Speaker: Vanessa Ugatti

    Vanessa Ugatti
    The True Worth Expert

    How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It

  • Panel Session Speaker: Karen Dunne-Squire

    Karen Dunne-Squire
    Elation Experts


  • Panel Session Speaker: Natalie Jhingoree-Smith & Chris Cotterill

    Natalie Jhingoree-Smith & Chris Cotterill
    Wesleyan Financial Services

    Specialist Financial Planning for Legal Professionals & Law Firms

  • Panel Session Speaker: Dan Thompson

    Dan Thompson
    Philips Speech Processing Solutions

    Do more with less! How voice recognition and smartphone mobility drive savings and efficiency

  • Panel Session Speaker: Dr Garen Karapetian

    Dr Garen Karapetian – Practice Management System

    What you need to run a small-to-medium law firm efficiently?