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Verowave Technologies Limited

At Verowave Technologies we have over 25 years of experience in providing template and document solutions for law firms. We have an eye for excellent design and the technical know-how to make it work.

Most excitingly, we launched a new product suite at the start of 2017, verowave, which raises the standard in document assembly and automation.

The verowave suite enables companies to create simple to complex documents and templates, without the need for programming code. It is built in a unique way, enabling companies to take control of the document automation process directly and includes the veroforms, verodocs, verosheets and veroslides components.

veroforms is a powerful forms and processing engine that gathers data from your users and core systems, including document management, and can performs simple to complex processes, allowing you to produce even complex documents quickly. With veroforms documents can be produced dynamically providing collaboration in a vastly more structured and visible way.

verodocs, verosheets and veroslides use powerful codeless templates to express the veroforms output in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These templates allow multiple users to repeat the document assembly process, time after time, in perfect style and with perfect accuracy.

verowave, one application that covers all document assembly and automation needs.

Verowave Technologies - the new home of document automation.

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