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With over 20 years experience, Tlam understands how streamlining your cashiering and finance department is the single most significant commercial move a law firm can make. We know that the ability to trust is the key deciding factor.

Our clients to do not outsource - they join a partnership.

With unrivalled expertise and experience, Tlam has all the ingredients necessary for your trust in a streamlined, profitable and competent back office. Although our processes are hi-tech, precise and punctual, we do not operate at arms-length; we thrive by engaging with you on a regular basis. We operate virtually in house.

Beyond outsourcing your financial department, Tlam offers a range of services to the legal profession:
- Consulting: Compliance, COFA, Financial Systems, Training, Data Migrations, Accounts Software Training
- Paralegals
- M&A Services
- New Practice Solutions
- Cashierhelpline: A tried and tested service for cashiers, COFAs and solicitors offering affordable advice and access to reduced holiday and sickness cover.

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