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Rubix Property Solutions

We are a physical probate specialist supplying services UK wide to the legal sector that assist in the progression of probate.

There are a many aspects to dealt with during probate from the estates finances to the sale / distribution of assets. We are here to provide tailored services that will assist in the progression of the estates probate.

We can arrange for documentation (banking / deeds / wills) to be found and delivered to you office,
Initial property inspections to show the state / extent of the property and it contents,
Items of value (jewellery, painting, motor vehicles) to be collected and stored / delivered to relatives,
Emergency call outs,
Lock changes where keys are missing,
Alarms resetting,
Property drain downs to reduce risks of leaks,
Void property insurance to cover the property while empty,
Chattels valuation of property contents and the arrangement of items going to auction.
Property clearances, including charity donations.
Valuation of motor vehicles, including collection, insurance, storage and sale.
Storage if chattels - from a TV to a full house all items stored and insured,
Property up keep including gardening, insurance repairs and cleaning,
Sale of assets / property,
Full UK wide coverage, the list goes on!

We have a client portal system which allows all client to log in and log properties and request services, it even shows you current progress on requests and allows you to access past requests including invoices and photos.

We as a company have a full understanding of the sector we work in and are always happy to provide bespoke services for our clients.

If you require quotations for services / would like to discuss anything you are currently dealing with please don't hesitate to give us a call / send us an email we would be more than happy to help.

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