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Nalytics is a search, discovery and analysis platform that utilises the inherent structure of textual data to provide a highly accurate search experience. It does this by taking all of the content from your documents and files and de-constructing this so-called 'unstructured data' into its constituent parts. This enables you to look for occurrences of your specified search terms within a single sentence, paragraph or section or whole document - depending on the level of precision of the search scope, which can be altered to suit your requirements. By viewing results within their context you are able to immediately determine relevance and locate the required information very quickly, and with a much greater level of accuracy than with standard search tools.

Nalytics also offers a range of intuitive AI capabilities to parse document contents and automate routine tasks and processes such as document comparison, redaction, date/entity recognition and more. Nalytics takes care of the tedious and repetitive work associated with a variety of everyday activities such as contract analysis, litigation and the preparation of subject access request responses, saving you valuable time and money that can be reinvested elsewhere in the business.

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