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Jermaine Edwards

Legal is changing and your relational reputation matters even more

Do you have a known, understood, practised and proven plan for customer growth in your business?

If not you may be leaving
*Millions in lifetime value on the table.
*Your client relationships open to competitive advantage.
*No compelling and unrivaled value that makes you irreplaceable.

Disruption in legal is real and your clients need the certainty not just of your expertise but also who you could become to them in the future.

This begins with three things.
*Understanding your client expectations for value and partnership
*Creating a value plan that deepens influence, loyalty and sales
*Developing the disciplines and skills to execute that plan for growth

Here at the IA group we want to help you understand how to develop this for your practice.

Understanding the psychology and behaviour that drives how we experience relationships, value and loyalty is more critical than ever. This ultimately puts you in a distinct advantage to provide superior client value and create unique strategies for customer growth.

Whether you`re a mid sized firm with just a few clientele or a large global player.
Retention is no more you have to choose to become irreplaceable

Meet us at Legalex - Stand 702 on the 21st-22nd of March 2018

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