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A single intelligent solution to allow fee earners to digitally create, assign and track all tasks provided to business support staff through any channel

Does your task management work?

Do your fee earners rely on email, telephone or voicemail to communicate with business support? Are tasks routed to the right person immediately? Or are they simply sent to a shared email inbox - to be picked up by the next available person?

Every fee earner has their own way of working. They delegate tasks via phone, email, written note - and your business support has to manage each and every request individually.

Whatever the methods your fee earners choose, for your business support the problems are universal:

• No means to track their work;
• No facility to prioritise their time;
• No insight or inter departmental communication as to how much work is pending or to whom it is assigned.

For your fee earners, progress updates can only be accessed using the same methods - phone, email, written note. Business support staff could be utilising their time more efficiently in progressing the task. This is where the iTasks solution made up of the Zendesk family of products can assist.