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Recover value from your old IT equipment - over 25 years experience in computer disposal
- Certified on and off site hard drive shredding and Blancco disk wiping services
- Full service offering including logistics, auditing, data security, remarketing and recycling
- Environmentally-friendly disposal - fully WEEE compliant
- ISO 27001 accredited for information security management for the provision of data destruction and IT asset disposal, recycling and leasing.

Data Destruction

Protecting your data at the disposal stage is vital, given that a single breach of sensitive data can leave your organisation open to bad publicity, legal action and even fines. Data destruction should form an important part of your security policy.

Organisations aim to assure the highest levels of security on their networks while their IT equipment is in use to prevent serious data breaches, but it can sometimes be overlooked what happens to sensitive data on hard drives and other storage media when equipment is disposed of at the end of its lifecycle. In the UK, the Information Commissioner`s Office (ICO) has the power to fine organisations which fall foul of serious data breaches, making it necessary to have a data security policy in place, which may include secure data destruction.

CSI Lifecycle Services is able to ensure the highest levels of data security with an onsite shredding service using our custom-made Data Destruction Recycling Vehicle (DDRV). Our approach is based on the successful DDRV model used by our US company EPC (part of the CSI worldwide group) in North America where tens of thousands of hard drives have been successfully shredded.

The DDRV has two specifically designed shredders which offer the ability to shred hard drives to small fragments ensuring data recovery is impossible. Also, as the entire process can be performed onsite, it eliminates any security concerns over chain of custody with the data never leaving an organisation`s own premises.

CSI Lifecycle Services is ISO 27001 accredited for information security management for the provision of data destruction and IT asset disposal, recycling and leasing.

In order to provide extra peace of mind, the DDRV is equipped with a bespoke video recording system which takes footage of the entire process. The recording also features an overlay system which displays hard drive serial numbers as they are scanned and shredded. A DVD recording, as well as a certificate of destruction, can be provided to the customer once the process is complete.

For those organisations that prefer to re-use their hard drives, but still securely erase all data, CSI Lifecycle Services offers an onsite data wiping solution. CSI LCS can send its trained and security-cleared staff onsite to perform a mass data wipe of your IT equipment. We use the industry-leading Blancco software which conforms to the government`s CESG standards detailed in HMG InfoSec Standard No. 5. CSI are a Blancco Gold Partner.

We also have a solution for customers with enterprise equipment, our custom built EPS portable erasure appliance including Enterprise Data Erasure Software (XErase), our Portable Appliance provides high bandwidth, multi-protocol data sanitisation compliant with over a dozen globally recognized erasure standards.

This appliance can connect to as many drives as your physical configuration can support. Erase EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, HP and a host of other storage arrays on-site quickly and easily then generate secure completely customisable Certificates of Erasure.

IT Asset Disposal
The major strength of CSI Lifecycle Services lies in its ability to recoup maximum value for your surplus IT equipment, while at the same time removing all the headaches associated with the IT disposal process.

Organisations invest a lot of time and energy into the processes involved in the purchasing of their IT equipment, but can often be left wondering how to dispose of old computers and other technology assets they no longer need. It is rare for organisations to have a set IT asset disposal policy, yet this is a vitally important part of the IT lifecycle. Managing this process requires significant expertise which many organisations do not possess internally. Taking shortcuts in the disposal of computer equipment is not an option, and can end up being more costly in the long-term, which is why a trusted and experienced third-party should be involved.

At CSI Lifecycle Services we have over 25 years` experience in providing disposal solutions for used computers and other IT-related equipment and can manage the whole process on your behalf. Collections can be carried out by CSI-trained staff using dedicated vehicles and a bespoke packing solution - watch a video of how we securely transport your equipment. We will collect equipment at a pre-agreed time, even out of hours, from any location within Europe. The vehicles we use will come supplied with the appropriate packaging to ensure safe transit and limit possible damage to sensitive computer equipment.

After a full audit and data wiping procedure of your IT assets - for which customers receive a comprehensive asset-by-asset report - we would then look to remarket the majority of equipment ensuring re-use, which is now considered to be the most environmentally-friendly form of recycling. Any equipment not fit for re-use will be disposed of in compliance with the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive.

Once audited, we will purchase any equipment that retains value in the market, making your old IT equipment work for you. We have dedicated staff with expertise in dealing with laptops, desktop PCs, TFT and CRT monitors, servers, printers, networking equipment, telephony, EPOS / POS (Point of Sale) equipment and much more. With a long history in the computer disposal, remarketing and brokerage industry, we can ensure you get a fair return for your equipment while at the same time providing a first class range of IT disposal services.

All CSI staff who handle customer data bearing devices are security screened to the HMG Baseline Personnel Security Standard.

Working with our parent company we offer global coverage with our own facilities in the UK, mainland Europe and throughout North America and Central America. We also have the capacity to work we approved partners where we are unable to provide coverage through our own facilities.

ISO 27001 - Information Security Management Systems
ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems
ISO 9000 - Quality Management Systems

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